img_3994What is Sassy Unicorn? Good question.

I graduated from SJSU with a major in Journalism, broadcast concentration, as well as two minors, Communications and Radio-Television-Film. While unsure what exactly I want to do with my life, one thing is for certain, get a post college job.

Whelp, that has not gone so well. Internships want college students and entry-level jobs want three to five years experience. So here I am. Stuck in a rut. Blink-182 once said, no one likes you when you are 23. I now understand that, even though I technically might be 22 right now.

So whats the next logical thing to do? (Besides eat a bowl of ice cream topped with tears in your bed while filling out applications.) Start building a stronger portfolio. I have clothes I don’t wear, that just break my closet (literally) and places I want to explore. So why not combine the two? Another girl fashion blog. But I didn’t want to pigeon-hole myself. Gotta show future employers a variety of facetsĀ of my interests. (Plus I am not a very good model.) Therefor there will be random posts of things that make me, me and that also spark my interests.

But how do you create a name, start a brand, with out being stuck in a certain niche? By brainstorming the most ridiculous and relevant things and seeing which one is available. And when that doesn’t work, you think, what makes you, you-nique. Well, sassy is a word that gets thrown around a lot. And who doesn’t want to be a unicorn? Unicorns are great. A creature that embraces glitter and sparkles as much as I do. And thus, Sassy Unicorn was born.

And there you have it. So please feel free to browse around, give some feedback and I hope you have a magical time.