A San Jose Tradition 


Dress: Target | Shoes: IMPO (DSW) | Pecoat: Nordstroms Rack

If you are like me and don’t like crowds, going to Christmas in the Park the weekend before Christmas is a bad idea. Who’s idea was it anyway?

We went to dinner beforehand at Scott’s Seafood just down the block.

As we were walking to get hot chocolate in California’s version of cold, I spotted five dollars on the ground! I looked around to see if anyone dropped it, but that was a lost cause.

The snowman hot chocolate was cute. With the newly founded five, it cost us one more dollar and we split a large cup.

We quickly perused the park before I decided to call it quits with the crowd. And in Bay Area fashion, there was a pick up location for Lyft, the Lyft sleigh.

I recommend going to the park earlier before the crowds come, unless you like swarms of people. Last year we went, and there was hardly anyone there. We were able to take our time looking at all the decorations.

This has to be one of my new favorite outfits.


The dress is a thicker material which is nice. And I love the pattern. I almost didn’t get it but my kind boyfriend decided to get it for me.

I paired it with some classic black tights to go with the cold and one of my favorite pairs of shoes.


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