San Diego Brunch


Shirt: Target | Shoes: Nordstroms Rack | Purse: Kate Spade

We went down to San Diego for a long weekend to visit my boyfriends parents for the holidays. Two days before we left I found out I was offered a new job. Since we didn’t have time to celebrate before we left, I had him take me to brunch when we were in SD.

We ended up at Fig Tree Cafe in Pacific Beach.

It was a cute place filled with people. The hostess said the wait would be 5 – 10 minutes. We barely waited for 5.

With so many good things on the menu and eyes bigger than our stomachs, we tried 3 different items – lobster and crab cake eggs Benedict, stuffed French toast and Orange Suzette pancakes. They were all delicious, but we had to take some to go.


I definitely would go back.

Afterwards we took a quick detour to see the ocean.

When we arrived at his parents’ house, they were on their way to take their new puppy Pluto to the dog park, so we joined them! He was a little bit scared of the bigger dogs, but he was adorable nonetheless. With all the pooches running around, I was definitely in puppy overload in the best way.


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