Vasona Park


Jeans: PacSun | Shirt: Nordstom’s Rack,  Lush | Jacket: Macy’s, American Rag | Shoes: DSW, White Mountain

When you are suckered in to bunny sitting in Los Gatos, why not take a quick jaunt to Vasona Park?

To get there from bunny duty, you walk through part of the Los Gatos Creek Trail.

And look! California can get into the fall spirit too.

There are multiple areas of attraction in the park, but we focused on the trail that encompasses the lake.

If you go during a certain time frame in December, they have their festival of lights going on; so plan your trip accordingly.

Vasona Park is a cute place if you wanna walk on a trail, bring kids or dogs or even just to have a picnic.

Also, notice anything different with the hair?! Stay tuned for more surprises. Think you can spot it already?



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