Pace Art Gallery: teamLab

20161026_115737Dress and belt: BCX from Macy’s. Shoes: IMPO from DSW. Bag: Coach.

When you go into Starbucks and a lady comes up to you and says she is not hitting on you but you look stunning, you know it’s going to be a good day. Thanks babe for helping pick out my outfit!

We went and checked out team Lab’s Living Digital Space and Future Parks exhibit at the Pace Gallery in Menlo Park.

Seeing the posts on Instagram with all the flowers and lights; I had to check it out!

You were able to change the lights to represent different galaxies from a QR reader on your phone or an iPad they have set up in the back.

It was worth the trip. It was a different type of art gallery then what may come to mind. It was all done with technology in different ways. It was such a trip. There was one exhibit that captivated me, even if it did start to give me motion sickness.

There was also a separate kids area where you could see your drawings come to life!

I’m glad that I had the chance to witness these art pieces before the exhibit was over.

Pictures by me and Philip Beadle.


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