Halloween Costume

img_4524You can have a fun Halloween costume without breaking the bank. And you can reuse it!

I was contemplating what to be for Halloween this year. Last year I decided to be lazy and be a cat, partially because I found my moms old prom dress and it was sparkly,  but that is besides the point.

As I was bouncing around ideas with my boyfriend, we can across one that he said he would be down to do. Thus, we decided to dress up as T.J. Detweiler and Spinelli from Recess!  Because who doesn’t like a little 90’s fun?


And the outfits are super easy! Some of it you may already have.

Granted, I had to get everything except I used shoes I already had, but everything was so simple to get. I ended up getting the jacket and dress from Forever 21. The beanie and socks are from Amazon (and they ended up matching!).


While I may not wear the socks all the time, each piece I can wear on its own after Halloween. So it’s not just another costume sitting in a bag that I will never wear again!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

His was super easy too. All he really needed to get was a green jacket (H&M). He had a red-ish hat already, but he decided to get one that was more true to character (Lids).img_4513

Happy Halloween!

Pictures by Philip Beadle (this years costume).


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